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Many have been utilizing this unique program for the last few years — with remarkable results.

The originator of this program, R’ Sender Dolgin, recently made his 19th siyum on all of Shas. His first after four-and-a-half years of diligent study, along with numerous chazorahs, culminated with his learning every single blatt in Shas, at least three — and as many as nine — times during that period. After he reached his original goal, he now reviews all of Shas every year culminating with a siyum haShas on his father’s yartzeit. Imagine that! Finishing Shas every single year.

In the 22 years since its inception, Reb Sender has reached out to thousands who are now learning utilizing the method. Numerous talmidim have already completed Shas while hundreds more are well on their way.

Another story by Rabbi Dolgin

Rabbi Dolgin tell another story how one day he received a call "Rabbi - I called to express my hakoras hatov - you saved my life!". Eight years ago, at the age of 36, I was working many hours a day and did not learn a word - tomorrow I am making a siyum on Shas. He...

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Rabbi Dolgin tells a great story

One evening – about two years ago, I was sitting down to dinner when I received an interesting phone call. “Reb Sender” the man said, “I am calling to express hakoras hatov to you – you saved my life”! He went on to explain that his nine-year-old son had...

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A Lakewood balabus

Several years ago, a Lakewood balabus, who had limited time available to dedicate to Torah study made a decision that he was going to give this method a shot. He diligently followed the program every single day - for thirteen years - and just celebrated a siyum on all...

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A kollel yungerman

A kollel yungerman, after several years in yeshiva, started to feel that he was "burning out" and began looking to leave the yeshiva. A friend of his told him about the chaburah that was using this learning and chazorah program. After a very short time in the chabura,...

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A businessman finds time to learn

Another fellow who recently opened his own business and would put in a very long day at the office, has taught himself to find time that didn't exist. For instance, instead of driving to business meetings, he now tries to find a way to take public transportation. Why?...

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The Young Man Who Couldn’t Concentrate

A young man who had been attending a regular daf yomi shiur found that he was having trouble concentrating and staying focused on what was being taught. A good friend told him about this learning and chazorah program. Though he did not have the time to learn a full...

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