Another story by Rabbi Dolgin

Rabbi Dolgin tell another story how one day he received a call “Rabbi – I called to express my hakoras hatov – you saved my life!”. Eight years ago, at the age of 36, I was working many hours a day and did not learn a word – tomorrow I am making a siyum on Shas. He said, one day I came across your learn and review program and began to learn a blatt a day. For eight years I did not miss a day – except for a week when I was running a high fever. Rabbi Dolgin asked him – if you have been doing a blatt a day for all this time you should have finished after seven and a half years, why are you only making your siyum now? He answered that he decided to dedicate an additional half a year to finishing all of the mishnayos ig Zeraim amd Taharos before making a siyum. Rabbi Dolgin was noticeably impressed and asked him – if you work so hard, when did you find the time to do this? To which he answered “I get up every morning at 3 AM so I can learn for 3 and a half hours before davening”! WOW Mi Kiamcha Yisrael

The Chaburas Shas office in Israel called with this fascinating story. One day they got a call from a Bal teshuva from Eilat asking for printouts outlining the program to finish all of Shas. The person in the office suggested that he start with one mesechta to see if this will work for him. He said NO and told the following story. Three years earlier he was a non-from person who had never studied a gemara in his life. By chance (?) he came upon a brochure describing this learning program. For curiosities sake he picked up a Shottenstein gemara and began learning a blatt a day. Now, three years later the Torah he had learned had completely turned him around and he was a shomer Torah u’mitzvos and he wanted to see to it that he had the program properly so that he would finish all of Shas.

So they’re all doing it – Why Not You?