A kollel yungerman

A kollel yungerman, after several years in yeshiva, started to feel that he was “burning out” and began looking to leave the yeshiva. A friend of his told him about the chaburah that was using this learning and chazorah program. After a very short time in the chabura, this yungerman has developed a new eagerness for learning, and has accepted upon himself to learn at least 1,000 blatt before leaving kollel. He is now learning in the beis medrash, day and night.

Interestingly enough, the most enthusiastic proponents of this system are the wives. Recently, a kolleyungerman who was in this learning and chazorah chabura was offered an opportunity to join a prestigious out-of-town kollel. While this was an exciting offer, it meant that he would no longer be able to continue with this program. As soon as his wife heard about the offer — she vetoed the idea saying she was so happy with her “new” husband and wanted him to continue with the program.