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"Learning a gemora only once is worth nothing, NOTHING"
Rav Shach zt''l addressing the full time yeshiva students
From Letters and Sayings of Rav Shach zt''l, Vol.6 Sec.Torah, 1st letter

This program was originated by R. Sander Dolgin of lakewood. It consists of periodic review of each daf on days 1,8,38,128,364 and then once a year.
Daf Yomi + Custom Review Program Generator
1. How many days do you want the program to generate?
Selected Range(s) Selected Range(s)+ help
2. Review each unit once after: (leave for default 4 views program as brought down in Eruvin 54 or checkall for Rabbi Dolgin program)
   1 day    8 days   38 days  128 days  364 days  Annually (364,728,1092 etc.)

 OR Make Your Own Custom Program. (enter number(s) separated by comma)
3. Select Ranges (To reset the ranges, click RESET FORM below)
Select in order the ranges of daf(s) you want to learn.
Example 1: FROM: Berachos 2 TO:Nida 73 will go through all of shas.
Example 2: Range 1) FROM:Eruvin 2 TO:Nida 73, Range 2) FROM Berachos 2 TO Shabbos 157 will go through shas starting from Eruvin
1) FROM:     TO:     SPEED:
2) FROM:     TO:     SPEED:
3) FROM:     TO:     SPEED:
For more ranges, click: 5||10||15||20||25
4.Date Setup optional: No Dates Generate Dates
  Select Starting Date:
  Include: Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Friday Shabbat
  Pause for learning day(s) Every learning days optional what's this?
  Skip Dates: optional what's this?
Skip Dates:
5. Select Output Language English Hebrew
6. Select Output Format
TEXT (comma separated)
ereader (for pda/palm)
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